October 2008

global crescendo feat image

A Global Crescendo, Photography Exhibit at United Nations

A Global Crescendo: Women’s Voices from Conflict Zones, a collaboration between the International Rescue Committee and writer and photographer Ann Jones, is a special exhibit featuring women’s voices and photographs taken by survivors of conflict from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire. READ MORE

October 2008

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Seasonal Musings and Traveling Images

As we ready for the great intensity of midterm reviews at Art Center–seven full weeks into our fall academic term–I wanted to briefly revisit early September and note one of the recent highlights of the Designmatters program: an exhibition and workshop of student work “Images for Human Rights,” celebrating the Declaration of Human Rights, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris during the 61st Annual DPI/NGO Conference: “Reaffirming Human Rights For All(September 3-5). READ MORE

October 2008

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Designing Water’s Future Studio, Guest Expert Presentation by Tara Lohan

Designmatters recently welcomed guest speaker, Tara Lohan, Senior Editor at Alternet and editor of the book Water Consciousness, to Art Center to give a talk on the global water crisis in this term’s Designing Water’s Future transdisciplinary studio. The goal of this studio, involving Environmental Design, Product Design, and Graphic Design students, is to generate a public awareness campaign about the global water crisis and inspire communities into action. READ MORE

October 2008

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TransLocalMotion–Summer School in Shanghai, China

My name is Gabriel Wartofsky, I’m currently a 7th term transportation design student at Art Center, and through sponsorship provided by Designmatters and the Art Center Sustainability Summit, I am am one of three Art Center students (along with Arthur Leung and Seon Young) who participated in “TransLocalMotion,” the international summer school initiative hosted by the Tongji University of Architecture and Design in Shanghai, China in August. READ MORE

October 2008

spark design blog feat image

Images Speak Book Wins Silver Spark Award

Images Speak, a Designmatters publication documenting the health education materials developed as part of the Mpala project, was just awarded a Silver Spark Award! READ MORE