Designmatters with Mustard

Elisa, February 2009 Go Back

I’m very excited to announce the pairing of our Designmatters initiative with the new student-led social impact design group at Art Center: Mustard. Now that discussion of design for social action has reached fever pitch, it only makes perfect sense that Art Center should have its own student-formed grassroots movement to further dialogue and action on this topic.

On a personal note, after 7 years of helping to build Designmatters as an institution-wide program embedded formally in the curriculum at the College, I am thrilled to see Designmatters now be able to support and endorse a sprouting social impact design movement happening at Art Center on the more informal and organic student level. Mustard leaders are keen to kick off their work here by hosting various events as a discussion launching pad for the group, so look for joint events with Designmatters endorsement, and support with guest speakers. Also, in this inaugural year of our President’s National Service Plan, I think it will be especially appropriate to rally the Art Center student body–via the vehicle of Mustard–for extracurricular service opportunities in our own backyard, which Designmatters can help facilitate through its established community partners.

I am honored to have been named the Faculty Advisor to the Mustard group, and look forward to this very timely opportunity to combine grassroots student energy with the established connectivity we’ve built with Designmatters. Stay tuned!