The Haiti Earthquake

Mariana, January 2010 Go Back

The Haiti Earthquake is a natural and man-made disaster of catastrophic proportions with tragic loss of life, immense heartbreak and widespread devastation. Hard to comprehend that this long-suffering and impoverished island nation would have to be the one, of all places, to endure the wrath of such an event. A quake that experts already anticipate will be ranked as one of the most destructive in modern history.

Illustration by Katherine Siy for The LA Earthquake Source Book

While the search and rescue effort tails off and clogged pipelines for water, food, medical supplies and care open up, it has been phenomenal to watch the outpouring of humanitarian aid and the mobilization of so many—from single individuals to large organizations—stepping up to help.

More than a handful of our partner organizations and friends are first responders who have deployed immediately: Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, International Medical Corps, the Pan American Health Organization, The Organization of American States, the International Rescue Committee, Project Concern International, Un Techo Para MI Pais, Architecture for Humanity…

We salute them all.

The challenge, but also the real prospect for lasting change for the people of Haiti, lies in the long-term assistance and capacity building projects that have a new opportunity to prosper in the region. It is exciting to imagine the important role the design community can play in the long road to reconstruction ahead.