“The spontaneous use of Twitter in the Iranian uprising, the real-time mapping needed in crisis situations in Haiti or post-Katrina New Orleans—these are examples of issues MDP/Field graduate students address. Emphasis is placed firmly on the role of communication technologies and infrastructure in people’s lives.”

Anne Burdick, Chair, Media Design Program

The Media Design Practices/Field Track

Emerging communication practices are defined by cultural values and shifting global forces, as much as by new technologies.  The MDP/Field is one of two tracks within Media Design Practices (MDP) at Art Center College of Design. The Field track is a collaboration between MDP and Designmatters, and gives students the chance to design for social impact around communication, technology, and public policy

Design With High Impact

Today, anything from a textile to a global network may be the next medium or platform for communication. With this awareness, the MDP/Field Track prepares designers to succeed in a dynamic and fast changing world, and to do so with a broad social and humanitarian agenda for positive change.
Media Design Practices offers the option of a two, or three-year pathway towards an MFA. The MDP/Field track is uniquely suited to individuals with a desire to innovate and bring design into new areas such as: International Development, Social Activism, Community Practice, Public Policy, Business and Economic innovation, Sociology, and Anthropology.

Field Immersion. Collaboration.

At the core of each student’s experience in this new track is the “Field Practicum” These team-based field projects allow students to interact with real people on a real-world issue, in partnership with an international development agency, NGO, national level non-profit or local community partnership.

Each year’s project includes: a partner + a context + an issue.

Students emerge from Media Design Practices as designers who thrive on complex challenges and relish working with real people. They are the changemakers who will bridge cultures and disciplines with empathy and integrity.

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2012-2015 Unicef Uganda project