American Cancer Society Awareness Campaign


In an effort to raise awareness of cancer in 18-24 year olds, the American Cancer society worked alongside Art Center in the Summer 2006 to create a hip and effective messaging campaign aimed at young people. Teaming with The Agency—a small group of advertising students who take on real world clients—four campaigns were designed to speak to young people with little exposure to the dangers of cancer.

The first campaign featured below,, was launched by the American Cancer Society in August 2008 and received tens of thousands of hits in the first few months, making it a highly effective youth outreach vehicle for the organization.  RealityCheckNow was also rolled-out as a postcard and sticker campaign that was distributed on college campuses and student hotspots to create a buzz around general cancer awareness.  See the campaign live at the website,


It’s Everywhere

You Have an Appointment

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble