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Unleashing the Girl Effect_book cover

Unleashing the Girl Effect

“Unleashing the Girl Effect” documents the Fall 2014 Designmatters + Product Design studio in collaboration with the Nike FoundationYale School of Management and fuseproject. Art Center students were given the challenge of developing social impact design ideas for income-generating and time-saving tools/techniques that are widely accessible, radically affordable and could be used intuitively by girls in diverse cultures all over the world.

Designed by Adriana Crespo


Please contact Designmatters to request a printed copy.

Connective Tissue_book cover 2

Connective Tissue: Arthritis Foundation Book

“Connective Tissue” documents the Summer 2014 Designmatters studio hosted by the Graphic Design department, in which Art Center students and faculty collaborated with national and regional leadership of the Arthritis Foundation to contemporize the Foundation’s brand strategy for the long-term future, create a communication program spread across multiple platforms and produce a clear, memorable and user-friendly print, online and broadcast presence.

Designed by Sean Adams

Photography by Marcus Guttenplan


Please contact Designmatters to request a printed copy

design for policy_book cover

Design for Policy

Edited By Christian Bason

Mariana Amatullo contributes to this publication with a paper entitled “The project: Designing with Purpose and Across Emergent Organizational Culture.”



designing here_now cover

Designing Here/Now: A Global Selection of Objects, Concepts and Spaces for the Future

Edited by Allan Chochinov and Eric Ludlum

The Safe Agua Initiative featured in this publication showcasing top designs from the Core77 Awards.

Thames & Hudson Inc., 2014


The Safe Agua Colombia Book

The Safe Agua Colombia book documents the third iteration of the award-winning SAFE AGUA project, a collaboration between Designmatters at Art Center College of Design, TECHO (Un Techo para mi Pais) and SOCIALAB. Art Center students traveled to  co-created design innovations with families in Altos del Pino, In Bogota, Colombia, seeking to help communities overcome social issues created by water poverty and to make an impact through resulting products and systems.



Educational Technology for the Global Village: Worldwide Innovation and Best Practices

Edited By Les Lloyd and Gabriel I. Barreneche

Designmatters contributes to this publication with a Safe Agua case study written by Penny Herscovitch, Dan Gottlieb and Mariana Amatullo.

Medford Township NJ, March 2014

where's daryl teachers guide thumb

Where’s Daryl? Teacher’s Guide

The “Where’s Daryl?” teachers guide is one of the outcomes of the Nathan Cummings Foundation funded Uncool Initiative (a series of anti-gun violence design studios).  The teacher’s guide was created to contain everything a teacher needs in order to spark critical thinking and discussion about the real negative impact guns can have on the lives and goals of young people.


Uncool process book cover_

The Uncool Process Book

The Uncool Process Book follows the 2011 Uncool Project (an anti-gun violence design studio) through two phases, which culminated in the development of the LAUSD “Where’s Daryl?” Educational Program.


UNCOOL book cover mosaic

The UNCOOL Book Project

The UNCOOL Book project  is one of many creative outcomes developed by students at Art Center College of Design as part of Uncool: The Anti-Gun Violence Project. This studio, hosted by Art Center’s Illustration department, focused on the development of four children’s books as a viable vehicle for anti-gun messages. The challenge of the class was to devise materials that would provide a counterpoint to the drumbeat of our glamorized gun culture: that guns are actually Uncool.  The following books are a result of one such effort.

Mark and the Jelly Bean Monster by Ariel Lee -  Mark lives in the forest, and treasures his prized jellybean collection. He’s happy among the trees, but is afraid of the Yeti—a large and furry forest-dweller. One day, when Mark finds traces of the Yeti nearby, he goes to the city and buys a gun. But when he confronts the Yeti, he is surprised to find that the Yeti is a goodnatured beast with a jellybean collection of his own. The two become friends, and combine their jellybeans to create the best candy collection ever. Their story suggests that even when we’re afraid, cooperation and friendship can be more productive than aggression and violence.

My Imagination Book by Juan Marco – My Imagination Book takes the reader on a journey of imaginative scenarios in which the characters they meet have all lost their weapons. This book asks its readers, “Can you give them something more playful than guns so that they can have some fun?” It is a coloring and drawing book in which each vignette invites a non-violent and whimsical replacement for the missing weapons. This encourages children to participate in a re-imagining of a kinder, more good-natured and creative world – a world without guns!

Zoarmax 133′s Big Question by Kin Lok – Zoarmax 133 is a visitor from another planet, on a mission to understand our unfamiliar world. Using his alien technology, he scans three objects: a mouse, a flower and a gun. His scanner declares the mouse and the flower “Cool,” but can’t make sense of the gun. Zoarmax 133 then journeys around the world to find out whether the gun is “Cool” or “Uncool.” Go with him and decide for yourself!

Amos’ New Life by Vivian Shih – Amos the Bullet longs for a different kind of life, one where he can create things rather than destroying them. He dreams of being a crayon drawing beautiful pictures or a rocket ship taking travelers into space. His is a story about how creating fun and beauty is more fulfilling than causing chaos and ruin, and shows that we can all make changes for the better.


The Teen Art Park Book

The Teen Art Park Book, chronicles the two-term Environmental Design-led class, in which students addressed the day-to-day challenges and aspirations of greater Pasadena’s at-risk teenagers by designing an art park to foster safe, artistic expression.


AQ Pacific thumbnail

Aquarium of the Pacific Brochure

This brochure was developed as part of, Project Coastal Crisis a design-led studio focusing on public education and action strategies to address the crisis of sea level rise, in partnership with the Aquarium of the Pacific.



The Safe Agua Book

The Safe Agua book, focusing on water innovation solutions for slum dwellers, captures a collaboration with the Chilean-based NGO, Un Techo Para Mi Pais.



Es Tiempo

The Es Tiempo book chronicles the processes and outcomes of the “Es Tiempo” studio, which created a cervical cancer prevention campaign for Latinas in Los Angeles.

Designed by Maria Moon



The L.A. Earthquake Sourcebook

The L.A. Earthquake Sourcebook was published in conjunction with The Great Southern California ShakeOut.

Designed by Stefan Sagmeister



Images Speak

Images Speak developed from the Mpala Integrated Health Mobile Clinic for Remote Communities in Kenya project.



From Hi-Fi to Lo-Fi

From Hi-Fi to Lo-Fi developed from the UNICEF: Sharing Stories in the Developing World project.



The Nyumbani Village Concept Cards

The Nyumbani Village Concept Cards developed from the Nyumbani Village project.



The Driven Environment in 2015

The Driven Environment in 2015 developed from Johnson Controls Interiors Driven Environment in 2015 project.




Stigma book developed from Stigma: A Collaboration Between The Agency @ Art Center and The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health project