"We are driven to find meaning, and find it by discovering a necessary relation between our lives and some larger purpose."

Allen Wheelis - The World We Want


You can find at this link the Designmatters Resource Guide, a comprehensive bibliography resource created by Art Center’s James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library. This library source guide was created to support the Designmatters Concentration, and focuses on the four core themes: Sustainable Development, Global Health, Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship.

Also, be sure to see the Designmatters-curated digest of our favorite publications, articles and links, that focus on design for social innovation and address the four core themes of Designmatters: social entrepreneurship, global health-care, public policy and sustainable development.

Featured Publication

well designed_jon kolkoWell Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

by Jon Kolko
Harvard Business Review Press, 2014



Student Corner

dm concentration_thumbAre you new to Art Center? Download the DM Concentration Handout here!

Benjamin Weiss_Student Spotlight_thumb Click here and read about recent Film & DM Concentration Graduate, Benjamin Weiss